Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/17 Hartwick Pines SP

Hartwick Pines State Park contains one of the remnants of old growth white pine forest in Michigan.  We spent one night here after driving from the Upper Peninsula and visited the falls the next morning.  Mosquitos were less vicious here, but there were still a few around. 

The best part of the state park in the logging museum.  We have visited this many times over the years, but this was the grandkids' first trip.

This was a logging camp way back in the 1800s, but it was also a CCC camp during the 30s.

Note that the fashion today was mosquito head nets. Lot's of old logging equipment inside and out.  This was a sled for hauling supplies in the winter.   

And this was used to pack down the snow to make ice roads for the logging sleds.  Much easier to drag logs over ice than dirt or mud.

Another supply sled.

This display showed how they used horses, steam wagons, rivers, and trains to get the logs to the mill.

More mosquito net fashion, even indoors. 

 Glad it has been cool, because I don't know how we would have managed with bugs and heat. 

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