Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4/30 Unicoi Scenic Highway & Hogpen Gap

I had been visiting some relatives in Helen, GA, for a couple of days, but left this morning for Tennessee.  The road that goes northwest through the mountains is called the Unicoi Scenic Highway, and I have driven it several times.  It is always very scenic, but it is also extremely curvy and steep. 

You gain almost 4,000 feet over about 10 miles.  At the bottom it is full-blown spring, with leaves almost completely out on the trees.

As it gets higher, it looks more like very early spring, with very tiny leaves on trees.
As you reach the top of a pass, there is a sign showing that the Appalachian Trail passes here. So, I had to stop.  The elevation here is about 4,500 feet.
Here is a forest service sign identifying the trail.  Note the water that someone has left for hikers.

Here is the "official" rock/sign pointing the way to the trail and identifying north and south. 

I walked a couple hundred feet down the road to where the trail crossed the road and continued on.

I walked up the trail a couple of hundred feet because I wanted to read some signs I could see.  It is a very well-worn trail and a little hard to walk on because there were so many roots and rocks.

One of these signs points to Hog Pen Gap, and the other points to Tesnatee Gap. The rock on the other side of the road and down 200 feet said this was Hog Pen Gap, so I don't know why it is pointing somewhere.   

Lots of things to trip over on this trail.

This sign is very worn, but it says "Raven Cliffs Wilderness - Chattahoochee National Forest."

Well, at least I can claim to have walked part of the Appalachian Trail!






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