Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/7 Drive Through West Virginia

I ended up driving 233 miles today which is a lot for me in this big vehicle.  The first 30 miles or so was curvy roads in Kentucky, then I had a 170 miles of freeway, with about 20 miles of stop and go construction.  I thought I was free and clear after that, but had not counted on the 30 miles of very hills and curvy road through West Virginia to get to Summersville Lake.  I did stop for a very few groceries and at Kohl's to get some new shorts, but the whole trip took me over 8 hours!  Whew.

This would have been a pretty drive if I hadn't had to watch my driving so carefully around the sharp corners and through tiny towns.  Plus, it takes a lot of effort to just steer this big vehicle, power steering or not.  Very tiring. I much prefer roads with wider shoulders and not so many drop-offs on the side!

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