Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/6 Fort Boonesborough SP, KY

Not an impressive campground, but had electric and water and was open enough to get satellite TV, so I was happy.  The state park is on the grounds of what used to be Daniel Boone's settlement and fort, so I drove the half mile down the road to see it.  (Would have ridden my bike such a short distance, but there is a quarry next door, and the huge truck traffic was horrendous. Just too scary to ride a bike.)

First, I visited the original small fort built by the settlers.  I was amazed at how small it was. 

 So, on to the bigger fort, which was a reconstruction done in 1974.

Most of the earliest settlers came by horseback because there were no roads for wagons, so the early dwellings were pretty basic.  This one was titled "We just got here" and has a bed made of straw with little other furniture.

This dwelling was titled "We've been here a while so had time to make some furniture and get settled."

This was titled "We came later and brought some furniture with us."

This was the wood-workers shop.  Some of the buildings had volunteer craftspeople and re-enactors, but I was there on a week day so it was not fully staffed.

The blacksmith's shop and forge was placed in the middle of the fort and outside because of the smoke and chance of burning something down. 

Last photo.  I was a very pleasant day for walking around the fort. 

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