Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/9 Battle Run Campground on Summersville Lake, WV

I got here after a long drive through freeway construction and on curving roads to discover they had no city water connections. Normally, this would not be a problem, but I have been having RV water pump problems, and without a water pump, I cannot get water out of my fresh water tanks.  I did have several jugs with me and figured I could manage for one night, so I got set up.

Normally, with a water pump, you just set a switch inside to turn it on, and it starts running to pressurize the water in your system. For some reason, mine has been just running and running without priming or pumping water.  I use the water pump when I am at a campground without hookups or on the road when I want to use my toilet or wash my hands, but lately had been bringing along a couple of gallons of water for toilet flushing. Very irritating not to have the pump run because it was new in December and cost me $300, and this was my third pump in three years!!!  However, I finally decided to let it run longer than I had before, and after 25 minutes it finally started pumping water.  Yea!

This is a pretty place, like most Corps of Engineering campgrounds are.

Got my bike out and went for a ride today to the dam that forms this lake.  Here is the entrance sign to the campground.  Beyond this point, I was on a road with no shoulder so I only went a couple of miles to the dam and a scenic view pullout.  Had there been a bike trail or wider shoulder, I would have gone all the way into the town of Summersville.

This is the earth fill dam that makes Summersville Lake.

And this is looking from the dam down to the river that it blocks.  Looks like you could do some whitewater kayaking here.

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