Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26 Old Federal Campground - Lake Lanier, GA

Old Federal is another Corps of Engineering (COE) campground on Lake Lanier, but on the southeastern side of the lake.  It consists of four narrow peninsulas, which means that almost all of the campsites are right on the water, compared to Bald Ridge where maybe only half are directly on the water.  The view is of a more open part of the lake, which means that there are farther views and more boats to see at any one time.

And I like my campsite on this lake because I can see on both sides of the peninsula and have excellent satellite access. This is looking back towards the main campground.  You can see the little bay on the left, but there is another on the right of me.

Looking out to the end of the peninsula.

This is the view to my left.

And to my right out of my motorhome.  The water near the shore looks muddy, but actually that is just the Georgia red clay showing in the shallows.
And, some photos of the rest of the campground and day use area.  I thought this would be a good place for a bike ride, but it is very windy today, so I got several eyefuls of pollen or some kind of grit.  I had to come back and rinse my eyes out. 

This is looking back to my RV from farther out on the peninsula.

Overall, this is a very pretty place to visit and to camp in.  Got my senior half-price deal also!  And since it is Sunday afternoon, most of the weekend campers are leaving, so it is fairly private and quiet.

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