Monday, April 13, 2015

4/13 Sebastian Inlet State Park

This is a very pleasant state park located on an inlet located on a long, narrow barrier island.  This means you have the ocean just across the highway, accessed by walking under the big bridge, and the inlet and the Indian River located on the campground side of the state park.  The park encompasses both sides of the inlet, with two fishing piers extending into the ocean and fishing piers also located under the bridge on both sides.  Very nice beach, as well.    

I have been here before, so this time I chose one of the larger and more private campsites away from the inlet.  The ones with views are much more cramped and a lot less private. 

This view is from the bridge.  I rode over to the other side with my bike.  No bike path, so I did not want to stop too long.  Luckily, there is not much traffic today.

This is the café and gift shop on the other side.  There are very nice patios and balconies around the building, with a wonderful breeze today.

View from the top balcony of the gift shop/café. 

Looking at the campground at the far side of the bridge.

And a gopher tortoise that was really in a hurry.  Is this his good side?

Or is this his best side?

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