Friday, April 24, 2015

4/23 Bald Ridge Campground, Lake Lanier, GA

A few days ago, I bailed out of Florida because the heat and humidity was getting too much for me.  When I am stuck inside the motorhome because of the heat and bugs, that is the time to leave, so I did.  (Of course the bugs had one last chance to bite me as I cleaned out the mess from the raccoon visitor!) I decided to head north a little earlier than planned, my goal being Lake Lanier because I knew it would be cooler and was a place I had been before and enjoyed.  It ended up being two hard days of driving, 310 miles one day and then 260 the next day, I was happy to get here and find a great camping spot.
Lake Lanier is a huge man-made lake in Northern Georgia, with several huge marinas and dozens of campgrounds and day-use areas along its length.  As you can see from the map, it has lots of narrow arms and bays, so it is impossible to see the entire lake from one location. 

Right now I am staying at the Bald Ridge Creek campground at the tip of the red arrow, but will be moving to Old Federal, at the tip of the green arrow tomorrow.  (Both are Corps of Engineers facilities, so we seniors get charged half price.)  I have been at Old Federal before, so I know the view is as nice as it is from this side of the lake.

It was rainy the first couple of days I was here, but nice and cool, at least compared to Florida.

This site is on a small peninsula, so I headed in for the more than 180 degree view.  It is also very private because the other sites are at least 50' away.

It was sunnier the day I took the next few photos.

Most of the campground is wooded and very pretty. Once the local weekenders left, it was also nice and quiet with a lot of empty spots.

I like this campground because it is clean and well cared for, has washers and dryers at each shower facility, and has both open and wooded sites. It also is scenic enough so that I have something to look at while I am inside working or just relaxing, so I will come back here again.   

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