Monday, March 9, 2015

3/9 Big Cypress Preserve & Midway Campground

I am deep into the Everglades, even if this is not the Everglades National Park.  It is actually the Big Cypress National Preserve which is adjacent, but slightly north and west of the Everglades National Park, and along U.S. 41, or Tamiami Trail.  I came here because I like birds and animals, but also because it is the location of one of my favorite campground--Midway. 

Midway has almost no amenities: no pool, no hot tub, no activities like bingo and potlucks, no bike trails unless you count the main highway, no playground, not even a store and gift shop!  What it does have is peace and quiet and a pond with a couple of alligators in the middle.  (One negative is no cell phone service.)  Because it is a federal facility, it also has the 50% discount "geezer" rate, so it attracts a lot of old people like me--just the way I like it!

Technically, the campground is in the town of Ochopee, although there isn't exactly a town you can see.  Here is the post office, however.


The little sign says they are open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m, and from Noon to 4:00 p.m.   They also open Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.   I had a letter to drop off, so I left it in the post box in the extremely large parking lot.  In fact, I'll bet this place has the largest parking-to-building ratio of any post office in the world!

This is Midway Campground!  Nice paved roads and paved camping spots. There is electric service at each spot with a central dump station and fresh water spigot.  Or at least they tell me there was one until a few days ago when someone backed over it.  Temporarily, they are running a fresh water hose from the spigot outside the rest rooms.  Very pleasant place.

The Oasis Visitor Center is just a couple of miles down the road, so I came here to get some cell service and internet access.  Could not resist checking out the boardwalk.  No birds right now because it is so hot (86 degrees) but there were a lot of big alligators. Most of these were 10-12 feet long, so the smaller ones were staying far away.

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