Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/13 Shark Valley Loop by Bike

I drove the 20 miles down the Tamiami Trail today to ride the loop road via tram or bike it.
The loop is paved and 15 miles long. There is a two-hour narrated tram ride you can take, or you can ride a bike (they rent them) or even hike it if you are so inclined.  I have taken the tram in the past, but it is not an impossible bike ride, either.

Since it was already hot, even though it was mid-morning, I thought the tram would be lazier, so I bought a ticket but then found out it would be over an hour wait and the tram would be full of a school group.  So I got my money back and then got my bike out. Luckily I had a full charge on my battery.  So off I went!  As you can see, any stretch is pretty deserted so you have the river of grass pretty much to yourself.

That is, except for the alligators.  It is a dry time of year, so there were not as many birds and wildlife as I had seen in the past, but alligators were hanging around any little pool of water.

I brought two bottles of water and some snacks in the pack on the rear of my bike.

The loop is narrow in some places so you can see people on the opposite side.

There is a tower at the very end with a terrific view and restrooms.

You can see the east side of the loop here.

And this is the west side of the loop.  It is dead straight.

This great blue heron is hiding in the reeds in the creek that is next to the west side loop road.

It's nice to have so much space and peace and quiet to yourself.  (Of course, with my electric bike, I leave everyone else in the dust!)

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