Thursday, March 12, 2015

3/12 More Big Cypress & Midway

The photos below are a combination of the ones I took on a boardwalk yesterday and some from this morning's bike ride.  This first photo shows a typical swamp buggy you see a lot of around here, mostly on weekends since only locals keep these around.

And here are a couple of bikers heading somewhere along the Tamiami Trail.  Looks hard to handle.

And the one-mile long Kirby-Shorter boardwalk.

This is the dry season, so usually these cypress would be standing in water.  Aren't their buttresses impressive?

Just an interesting fern.

And some alligators. 

River of Grass.

This is what happens when you sit too long in one place!

The pond at the campground.  Still have not seen the alligator, but the camp host says they have captured three boa constrictors here since Christmas so to be careful walking dogs at night.

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