Saturday, March 21, 2015

3/21 Vultures & Dredging Ship in Lock

These vultures have been hanging out in a clump of trees next to the campground every evening.  At least they don't seem to bother anyone.

I walked down to the lock this afternoon with my cousin, and we saw this dredging ship waiting to get into the lock.  So far, I had seen only privately owned pleasure boats go through the lock, but this one looked interesting.

There seems to be only a couple of feet on either side.  It did not scrape the sides, however.

I suspect this ship has seen better days.  It was pretty rusty looking and the crew looked like they could have used a washing machine and dryer.  Dredging is no doubt a dirty job.

There is a 14' different in level on the east side of the canal.  At this point, the lock is about half full.

Doors are opening on the west end of the lock.  The ship is no doubt heading to Lake Okeechobee.   

According to this view, the ship was originally from Boston.  Frankly, it did not look particularly sea-worthy for an ocean voyage from Boston. 

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