Thursday, November 13, 2014

11/6 Santa Fe & Museum Hill

I did not have much time to spend in Santa Fe for a lot of reasons, mostly because I had not originally had this on my schedule.  However, I did take a couple of hours to stop by the Museum of the American Indian.

What is interesting is that there are multiple museums on what they call "Museum Hill" besides the museum described above:  the Museum of International Folk Art, the Museum of Spanish Culture, and the Wheelwright Museum.  There is also a museum café, a couple of gift shops, and a botanical museum.  This is a place I will return to.

Here is a link to the café on the hill:  Looks like a neat place.

I could not take photos inside, but I did take these of some of the art on the plaza.


As you can tell by the lady with the winter coat on, it was a bit chilly here this day.  Santa Fe is at 7,000 feet, so not a good place to go in late fall or winter unless you like to ski!  I will come back here in late spring or earlier in the fall.  I still have a whole downtown area to explore.

Most of the roads in this part of the country can be pretty dull, but I love being able to see far into the distance. Also, love the lack of traffic on back roads!


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