Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/4 Cochiti Lake Campground

This recreation area is on an Indian reservation, but the dam and lake were built by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. 

This is a really big earthen dam! 

Wherever the COE built a dam, they almost always built a campground.  I love COE campgrounds because they are very cheap for seniors and because the COE does such a fantastic job of keeping them up. 

This one has some sites with electric and water, so that is where I headed.  I took the pull-through site on the highest part of the campground, so obviously, it had the best view!  The lake level is down, as is the level of all reservoirs in the west, but who cares with this view?

Mountains on all sides.  This is a place I could stay for a while, assuming I had the time.  Will be back here sometime, however.

11/5 - Had some excitement this morning with a water line break.  They knocked on my door at 7:00 am so I quickly filled some containers since my tank was empty.  After an hour or so of digging they left, but came back three hours later--same three "watchers" and same backhoe.  Finally, they asked me to change sites because they thought they might have to dig up the site and did not want to damage my rig.

Found an equally pleasant spot with an equally gorgeous view! 

They have found the leak and are fixing it now.  In any case, I finally filled my tanks so I have plenty of water for tonight.

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