Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/4 Petroglyph National Monument

This is a small national monument just northwest of Albuquerque, but it was easy to get to the petroglyphs and an easy stop.  Here are some photos of the easier to see drawings.  One advantage is that you can get very close to the petroglyphs, but that in itself is a problem for the safety of the artifacts.  I saw a little damage, but luckily, not much.

This looks like a rattle to me.

And this weird guy looks like he is wearing some sort of hat or mask.

Here is the same drawing next to a person holding what also looks like a mask

Maybe a snake??

There are some really old petroglyphs on this rock.  As they get older, the lines which have been pecked out on the rocks becomes darker and so blends in.

A circle is a sacred symbol.

These are definitely feet!  Wonder where they are going or what they mean?

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