Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/3 Albuquerque & Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Albuquerque is in a sort of bowl, surrounded by mountains and high plateaus. This makes for a very scenic drive, coming in from the west.  

I stayed in a commercial campground, which will remain nameless because it was not one of my favorites.  It was clean and safe and had full hookups, but I just dislike the commercial gravel and pavement "campgrounds."  They also irritated me by now allowing my motorhome into the nicer and newer area because that was limited to motorhomes 40' long and longer.  They also rent out their clubhouse, so music from a party did not make me happy.  (I am getting really grumpy these days.)

So after spending one full day catching up on work, the next day I went out sightseeing to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center near downtown at the location of the old Indian School that used to be there.

Notice that the sculpture shows both a native American girl in historical dress and a U.S. soldier.

It was a very nice place, but photos were allowed only outside and in this special exhibit about the old Indian School.  The lower level had some beautiful old and modern art--very nice, but no photos, unfortunately.

This is the courtyard where they hold dances and ceremonies.

It has been VERY cold the last few days--well, maybe not Michigan cold, but certainly cold for someone who has been spending time in California and Arizona!  Last time I drove through Arizona and New Mexico, I took I-10, but this time, I took I-40, which meant higher altitude and much colder temps.  Nights have been around 34-40 with daytime highs barely 60. 

So, what am I going to do?  Drive slightly farther north, of course, although it will just be for a couple of days.  Will be headed southeast by the end of this week.  I need to get to the Florida Panhandle by November 16 so I can't tarry too long here.

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