Thursday, November 13, 2014

11/13 Roughing It

OK, I am not quite roughing it in the same sense that Mark Twain did, but nevertheless, the last couple of days have not been my favorite.  For one thing, even though I have been in Texas and am now in Vicksburg, Mississippi, it is COLD!!! 

I went to bed one night in Texas when the daytime highs had been almost 80. I woke up the next morning to find the temp had dropped to 39 during the night. I was snug under my down cover, but the living room was 50 degrees! 

Now, this might not mean much in a well-insulated house, but RVs are notoriously NOT insulated.  (Walls and ceilings have some foam in them but are only 2" thick.  Floors have no insulation at all.)  They also nearly always have single-pane windows and leak air around slides and other places. I can see daylight in one spot around my rear slide so I have stuffed an old dishcloth in the space.

So, now I am camped for the day in Vicksburg and high is expected to be only 43 today with a lot of 28, which means I cannot use my water hose to hook up to "city" water today, so I am working on my 60 gallons of fresh water. However, my water pump is not working well, so last night I had a hot, but a "dribble" shower and am looking forward to the same tonight. I do have a small electric heater and a front and rear propane furnace.  The problem is all those leaks and lack of insulation means it is really hard to keep warm when it is this cold outside. I am staying home today to get some work done and have had to change from my usual shorts and t-shirt to long pants and a sweatshirt. The long sleeve is rubbing on the incision on my right wrist where I had carpal tunnel surgery a month ago, so I had to take something for the pain.

The good news is that my refrigerator is working well!! 

Other good news is that I have free Wifi, satellite TV, lots of food, and am fairly comfortable except for my cold feet.  Am going to have some of my homemade beef vegetable soup for lunch and leftover spaghetti for dinner.  Might decide to bake some bread!

Supposed to be slightly warmer when I get to the Florida Panhandle!  Yea!  Will no doubt have to refill propane before I get there, though.   

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