Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/24 Rocky Mountain National Park

I've been to Rocky Mountain National Park several times, but this time my sons and their families joined me for a few days.  Because of my traveling, I don't get to see my kids and their families, so it was an especially nice opportunity to share this gorgeous area.  Hope the littlest ones will remember this trip.

We left our RVs in Estes Park and spent most of one day caravanning to the highest point, over 12,000 feet high.

Hard to see, but here are some Rocky Mountain Sheep in the distance.

Still snow up here. 

This is the visitor center at the top. Note the logs on the top to hold the roof down.

And here are most of the family next to a snow drift.

Everyone but me and the youngest child hiked the path to the very highest point.  I just enjoyed the time sitting and looking at the flowers. 

The batteries died in my camera, so I do not have photos of the marmots or flowers on the rock fields a few miles down hill.  Darn! 

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