Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6/25 Colorado Mountain WIldflowers

This time of year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the wildflowers are gorgeous.  I'm not 100% sure about the names of all of these, so I welcome corrections.  All of these photos were taken except the last couple were taken at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park at over 12,000' in altitude. 

This first one is an Alpine Sunflower.  Note how short it is because of the very high altitude above the tree line.

I have no idea what this one is.  Might be not quite in bloom.

This is some sort of Alpine Daisy.

And a Lupine, the state flower of Colorado. .    

And these white, round flowers are obviously Mountain Candytuft.

 The blue flower right by the sign is Sky Pilot.

These are Snow Buttercups.

It took me a long time to identify these because there are so many similar looking yellow flowers in the tundra region at 12,000', however, these are Sulfur Flowers

Per the sign, these are Western Wallflowers.

I liked this photo because there were so many different kinds of flowers in it.

These was found at a lower altitude, about 6,000'.  They are Fragile Prickly Pears, and are much smaller than the larger prickly pears, only about 10' tall, but have lovely white flowers.

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