Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7 Guernsey State Park, Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming!  After all those snow-capped mountains, it is nice to see some flat land.  And this part of Wyoming is REALLY flat! 

I am finally feeling well enough to go out exploring, so today I drove to the small CCC museum and around part of the lake.  The state park surrounds a reservoir that makes a lake along the Platte River, very close to the Oregon Trail.  These railroad tracks cut right through the limestone hill. 

 Here is the dam I drove over.  Only problem is that my motorhome weighs about 15,000 pounds and at the far end of the dam is a very small sign telling me that the maximum weight limit on the dam is only 12,000 pounds!!  Not only are there absolutely no signs earlier on the dam or the approach road, but there is no room to turn around if you changed your mind anyway.  I turned around after driving over, and it did not look as if anything had collapsed, at least!

It's pretty dry around here, but this is a good distance view of the lake and canyon that it filled.

Having illegally driven over the dam, I decided to head into the town of Guernsey by driving around the lake.  Glad there was no traffic, as the road is very narrow with sharp curves. 

Another signage issue:  this was the only sign I saw warning me of the narrow and curving roads.  I had to stop and turn around to look over my shoulder as it was behind me.  There were no other such signs on the other end of the park! 

This is a pretty basic campground and it is pretty dusty because all the roads in the campground are gravel, but at least it is mostly empty and has water and electric, which means it is a good place to spend a day or two indoors resting and catching up on work.  Obviously, I am a person who likes her privacy, so this fits me better than the crowds on weekends, regardless of the dust.  

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