Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7 Oregon Trail Register Wall

This area of the Wyoming, next to the Platte River and near the limestone cliffs by Guernsey was a popular place to stop and rest, especially since it was one day's journey from Fort Laramie.  There was water for animals and grass nearby. 

Many of the travelers took the time to sign their names into the cliff, chipping the stone away with axes or knives, which is why it is called "Register Cliff." 

This is a root cellar dug into the limestone cliff by a storekeeper to store potatoes and other vegetables for sale to the wagon trains.

Some of the names incised into the stone at this location were old, but many were new because it was not well protected.

Lots of nests.  Are these swallow nests?  I need to check this out.

It is hard to read some of these names, but many others are easily readable.

It was a nice side trip here, but really, really HOT today!!  I will be heading into Montana in a couple of days, and it looks like it is hot even there, so I will have to endure for a few more days.  Once I get back to campsite and get hooked up, I do have AC, so will be cool then. 


  1. It's 3 choices: barn, bank, or cliff swallow. A lot of white = bank swallow. A lot of red on head + long tail = barn swallow. A lot of red + short tail feathers = cliff. (I am betting you saw Barns.)

  2. Unfortunately, not a bird in sight. Must have raised their young earlier in the spring or summer.