Friday, July 11, 2014

7/11 Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

I really had not planned to stop here and almost drove by on my way to Bozeman.  I think I was confusing it with another place I knew had a dirt road.  Anyway, I was very glad I did stop.  There was adequate RV parking, which is always nice. 

The main part of the monument consists of a visitor center and two monuments: one to the Native Americans and one to the cavalry.  Below is the visitor center.

Beautiful views of the countryside. 

I signed up for a half-mile walking tour with a ranger.  These are two of the many gravestones scattered throughout the site.  Not every person who died has a monument, just the few whose family requested it.

This is the recently completed Native American Monument.

I took a few photos of the plaques around the inside of the monument. 

This shows a view of the cavalry monument and the cemetery next to it.  Custer is not buried here, by the way.  His family asked that his body be moved to West Point, where it is today.

There is a six-mile drive to the end of the national monument, but it looked awfully narrow.  I was also told parking was limited along the way, so I might not be able to get out of my vehicle, so I skipped it.  Got lots of miles to drive today, so needed to get on my way.

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