Friday, June 20, 2014

6/15 Telluride, CO

Telluride is probably mostly known as a ski resort, but it is a beautiful place to come in the summer.  It is in the heart of snow-capped mountains at 8,750 feet in elevation and is at the end of a box canyon.  This is what the drive in looks like:

I just can't stop taking photos of mountains!  I parked my motorhome on a street one block off of the main street and then walked to the free gondola.  Because the town is surrounded by mountains, there is not much room to expand, so the town expanded on the other side of one mountain.  That required a free gondola to take you up the mountain and down the other side. It makes a nice tourist ride.  You can stop at the top, which I did, or just ride up and down.

Believe it or not, THIS is an airport!  I would hate to have the brakes fail on the plane.

Going down on the other side to "The Village" you can see shops and lots of apartments and condos. 

This is the plaza at the end of the gondola.  It is on top of a sort of high-end shopping center.  Actually, everything is pretty high-end in this town!

Then, there is a third gondola that goes to more apartments and a hotel and conference center. I rode it round trip without getting off.  No interest in hotels and more shopping.  

And here I am going back down to Telluride on the first gondola.

Lots and lots of ski slopes around here. Very crowded on weekends in winter.

But it is a nice town in summer. 

Headed west today to Ridgway State Park, so got my vehicle and continued my drive.

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