Sunday, June 22, 2014

6/22 Frisco, CO

I made this reservation at Heaton Bay Campground in Frisco because it was a few hours drive to Estes Park, where I am headed tomorrow.  Had no idea what was here other than there was a lake and it was just off I-70 and north of Breckinridge.
Well, basically this a huge ski area at a bit over 9,000 feet in elevation.  Lake Dillon is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and just gorgeous.  The campground is very nice, with sites spread out adequately.  Pine trees are small, but that is what you should expect this close to the tree line.


What is really nice is that there is a bike path that goes through the campground and completely circles the lake--19 miles worth, I was told.  Late yesterday, I rode about 8 miles to a nearby town part way around the lake.  You can see how nice the trail is.  

I even rode over the dam.  Cars can drive over this, but no RVs or trailers are allowed.

Today, I rode the other direction into Frisco.  Not many stores open because it is Sunday, but not much traffic either.  

This is the marina, at the far end of town.  I turned around here and headed back home.  It was lightning a bit in the distance and I got just a bit wet from a few raindrops.

Beautiful place, but I think I like elevations with more oxygen! 

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