Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/6 Trinidad Lake State Park, CO

Actually, I have been here a few days, enjoying the scenery and catching up on grading papers, which always seem to be endless.  It is always exciting to see snow-capped mountains when you drive through Colorado, and the day I arrived here from Amarillo was not an exception.  It is a promise of scenery to come.

I exited the freeway at the south end of the park, so I had to drive over the dam, and take photos, of course.  The lake has a lot of water flowing into it because there is melting snow and have been rains in the area, but they also seem to be pumping it out of the lake just as fast as it comes in.  Not sure where the water is headed, but almost certainly for agriculture.
 It is a bigger lake than it looks, by the way.  Lots of room for power boats and fishing.

 Some of the views from my campsite. The campground is high on a bluff and the lake is behind my campsite.


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