Saturday, January 4, 2014

1/4 Rancho Jurupa Park, Riverside, CA

OK, all you folks back in the Great Lakes States.  It was 74 today and sunny!  I can hear the sobbing.

I chose this park for a several day stay because I knew it was newer and had cement pads with full hookups for a reasonable price.  I knew that would enable me to do some cleaning of some of my underneath storage bins and also find a Michelin dealer to get a tire checked to see if it was on recall.  While I really prefer to stay way out in the boondocks where it is quiet and scenic, sometimes I need some civilization to do shopping and get some things like vehicle maintenance done. 

This is a family-oriented park along the Santa Ana river right in the middle of Riverside. It has a lot of things for kids.  Here is the camp store and the mini-golf setup.

This is an unusual playground.  It has a couple of sand play areas and some rock climbing areas.  Since the surface is soft and spongy, kids can climb without hurting themselves very much.  Kids love to walk on logs and jump off, so I am sure they would enjoy this area.

There is supposed to be a nature center, but I haven't found it yet.

This is the splash play area.  When the weather is a little warmer, this is turned on and water sprays and splashes all over this playset and from the bucket contraptions shown on the sides of the photo.

After doing some cleaning, I rode my bike the four miles into downtown Riverside.  Can you believe the skating rink????  This was right in the middle of downtown, in a sort of park area.  Note the shirt-sleeved skaters and the wet surface of the ice.  I think you would get very wet if you fell down. 

There were some performances of Mexican dancers going on next to the ice rink.  These kids were about ages 7-12.  They did a very good job and got applause from the audience.
And some flowers.  Don't see flowers outdoors in Michigan this time of year, do you?  Course our ice is a lot more frozen on our skating rinks.

This is some sort of hotel and conference center in downtown.  Lines of cars trying to get in, so I did not try to fight the crowds.
 Might go back tomorrow late afternoon and get some Thai food at a restaurant I checked out.  I had some chicken thawing, so I skipped it for tonight. 

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Found you on the Women's Forum and took a spin through your blog. Very nice! I'm from Michigan, originally, so especially enjoyed that part. You sure have done some traveling in the last couple years! Will have to bookmark you so I can keep up!
    Grace (in Tucson)