Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/9 Disney's California Adventure

Met my son and his family at Disneyland in Anaheim.  They have a big trailer, so we camped next to one another in a campground very near to the park.  Disney now has two theme parks in Anaheim: the original Disneyland, which is very similar to the Florida Magic Kingdom, and California Adventure.  We spent two days at each park, which wore me out entirely, so I am enjoying my "off" day today after they all left for home.  So nice not to have to pack up and drive a long distance while on "vacation"!

Today I will post about our adventures at California Adventure.  You enter through a portal directly across from Disneyland, using the same shuttles to parking and hotels.

It is a California-focused theme park that reminds me a lot of Universal Studios in Florida.  It has the usual rides/attractions, restaurants, and gift shops, but a large part of it is around a lake. Opposite the lake is an area that looks like a California boardwalk amusement park--maybe Santa Cruz??

Some typical carnival games.
The kids like the ride where you flew over various places in California.  It has an aviator theme, and was excellent.
One of the most popular areas was Radiator Springs, home of the Cars characters.

The most popular ride was the Racer's ride. 

There was some inside "repair" and "hotrod" stuff that simulated a Cars repair shop from the movie.  Then you went outside and speeded up around a very fast and curvy track.  Two cars went together so they could actually "race."  


A couple of other more sedate ride for kids and me!  Did not take any photos, but the ladybug ride was a killer and two rides with my granddaughter in a row did me in--spent the next several hours dizzy with vertigo.
This is a food court area based on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, so of course they had a sourdough bakery tour and a Ghirardelli place selling chocolates and ice cream.  

It was interesting to note how the Disney people repeated rides found in other Disney theme parks.  Recognize this from Florida's Hollywood Studios?


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