Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/10 Disneyland (Magic Kingdom)

This obviously was the original that the Florida Magic Kingdom theme park was patterned after.  Much of this original is identical to the Florida version, but over the years, some attractions at both parks were removed and replaced with others.  Here is the entrance and main street areas:

Nice entrance to Adventureland.  No photos, but the most popular ride was the Indiana Jones adventure, and of course, Pirates of the Caribbean.  Neither of these is an original ride, so I wonder what was here before these. 
Kids enjoyed Tom Sawyer's Island, and we all went on the riverboat.  A really big disappointment was that the Haunted Mansion was closed for repairs or refurbishment.

One of the newest areas in both parks in Mickey's Toontown.  Mostly it seems to be a lot of gift shops and opportunities to meet Mickey and Minnie, after waiting in VERY long lines, so we skipped that!  I thought the architecture of the buildings was neat, however.  

My son noticed on a plaque that the original "It's a Small World" attraction was once part of the NY World's Fair.  Later I looked it up on the internet and found out that it was designed and built by Walt Disney for the world's fair from 1964-65.  In 1966 it was brought to Disneyland and then copied at Disney World in 1970.  I like the outside of the building here.  Much nicer than the plainer building in Florida.

You load into the boats outside, and enter the building afterwards.  Must have decided Florida was too rainy for that. 

I did not take too many photos of Tomorrow Land because by the time we got here, I was beat and bailed out to go home.  This used to be the old Peoplemover ride.  It was closed and looked like maybe it was ready to be torn down and replaced with something else.

The monorail is smaller and goes from Downtown Disney to Tomorrow Land and to the parking shuttle area.



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