Friday, January 17, 2014

1/16 More Crystal Cove State Park

I always realize later that I have missed taking some photos.  In this case, it is the beautiful, very wide and paved bike path in this park.  It is several miles long and very well kept up.  It did give me an opportunity to get down to the beach and take more photos, in any case.

Found this small flock of sanderlings on the beach.

Don't know what this bird was, but is was all by itself and smaller than the sanderlings.  Also had a shorter beak.  Very shy.

It was low tide, so there were tide pools.  There are very strict park rules about removing or even touching animals or plants in tide pools.  You could carefully wade out, assuming you had the right shoes and were not afraid to balance on rocks.  Obviously, none of those criteria fit me so I stayed on shore.

Beach looks beautiful at low tide.

The large black lump in the upper right of this photo is a California sea lion.  It was not in the mood to pose for my camera, unfortunately.

A fishing boat below me as I was standing on the bluff.  I have no idea what they were trying to catch.

This is Catalina Island in the haze.  The yellow color leads me to believe this is LA smog, but some people said it was smoke from a fire.

View of the beach from the bluff.

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