Thursday, December 26, 2013

12/26 Christmas at Lake Mead

I enjoyed the relaxing three days I have spent here at Lake Mead.  I had splurged on a full hookup spot with a view of the lake and am glad I did.  Hardly anyone here, so nice and quiet.


They have a very long, very nice bike path all the way along the lake from Boulder City!  I am always happy to see asphalt bike paths because there is much less chance of my falling than on gravel.

There are several big marinas on the lake.

This is the beach.  The sand has a lot of gravel mixed in, so I am not sure I would want to walk barefoot here.

And how often do you find one of your cousins in the next door campground when you travel around the country??  Bob and Becky invited me to Christmas dinner, which was outside and very pleasant.  Good food, too.  They are living full time in a motorhome, also, but have done so for several years so they are experts.



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