Monday, December 2, 2013

11/28 Borrego Springs Sculptures

I posted some of these sculptures a few days ago, but on the way out of town, I drove past some others, so I am posting them now.  The artist is Ricardo Breceda from Perris, California, but the land these are placed on is owned by Dennis Avery.  The statues are very popular and the roads going by them has a very nice, very wide shoulder to enable people to pull over and walk among them.  I only took photos of about half of them, so if you ever go to this area, get the map and have fun finding the rest of them.

This first one is some sort of large bird on a nest with two babies.  If you look very carefully, you will see a snake in the nest, which may be why mom is so upset!

The snake is more visible in this view.

This is one of several saber-toothed lions.  This one is perched on a rock.

This saber-toothed cat is chasing what is supposed to be a pre-historic horse.  One problem is that this horse is much bigger than the pre-historic horses that lived in North America.  It also has the wrong hoofs.

Another cat.

And two saber-toothed cats fighting.

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