Monday, December 16, 2013

12/16 Lake Mead & Willow Beach Marina

After leaving Las Vegas and the cramped and crowded old RV park I had stayed at there, I headed to Lake Mead.  I stopped at several pull-outs and took some photos.


I knew there was a fairly new campground along the west side of the Colorado River below the dam that had full hookups and paved spots.  No reservations accepted, but I headed down there anyway, knowing it would not be full.  Nice road through really rocky hills on the way down.

The campground is up a slope from the river and marine, but you can see just a peek of the Colorado River from some of the sites. 

Rode my bike down to the Marina to check in and pay my fees.  Nice view!

They rent all sorts of boats.  If I had not been alone and a little more mechanically inclined, I would have been very tempted.

The river was full of coots.  I have learned they are easy to identify because they are black with white pointed bills.  Technically, they are not ducks, but the do most of the things ducks do.

They told me at the marina store that I could ride down to the fish hatchery and look around.

There wasn't anyone around to give me a tour, but it was interesting.  Most of the tanks were empty, but a few like these had fish in them.

Can you see the fish?

Heading back to the campsite on my bike, I looked up and saw two bighorn sheep.  This one was sitting down and resting.

This was a male and had a tracking collar on him.  He stood still and posed for me for quite a while.

And here he is staring at me!  Notice that he is almost fat and in very good shape.

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  1. Wow, great photos! I hope to see Willow Beach. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures!!!