Saturday, December 7, 2013

12/7 A Friendly Coyote & a Crater

As I was leaving Scotty's Castle, I saw a coyote on the embankment across from the parking lot.  She was very close and looking at the castle.  I wonder if they had been feeding her?  She looks in pretty good condition for a desert coyote.

A few miles back down the main Death Valley road is Ubehebe Crater.  This is a volcanic crater formed by an explosion.  There are some smaller craters around it, but it was much too cold and windy for hiking all the way around it, at least in my opinion.  Maybe next time.

There were two people way down in the bottom, but you can hardly see them here. Don't know how they got down or how they will get back up.

This whole area is very much a moonscape covered with volcanic ask and small rocks.

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