Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10/7 Napa, CA

I am still alive and well but have not been posting lately because I am in Napa visiting family--not a whole lot interesting to other people going on.  Mostly I have been riding my bike around to do shopping and explore the town. 

However, tomorrow I head for one of the many campgrounds in Bodega Bay on the Pacific ocean.  I was supposed to be in Yosemite this week, but obviously the shutdown made that plan impossible.

Very nice campground here at the Napa County fairgrounds or "EXPO."  You would think camping in a fairgrounds would be dusty, dirty, and noisy, but in fact spots are paved and very pleasant.  It is also a lot quieter than you would expect in a place within walking distance of downtown!

Other than its convenience, there is also a model railroad club at the fairgrounds that is open to the public two Fridays per month, and that my grandson really enjoyed when he and his sister stayed with me overnight.  Bingo also meets once a week here and last night we were serenaded by a Mexican music festival of some sorts a few hundred feet away.  Also, free internet and Dominos delivers pizza, as I have taken advantage of twice.

These are some of the nicest and longest pull-through sites I have ever seen!  Room to park two cars, not just the usual one.

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