Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10/29 More Yosemite

Most of the snow from yesterday melted over night, but it is still really cold outside so some is still left.  My furnaces both ran all night.  These motorhomes are really meant for warmer weather so are very poorly insulated and it takes a lot of propane to keep warm in cold weather.  I am using almost a quarter tank about every 36 hours, which means I cannot spend much time in this much cold.  Luckily, I have a couple of down comforters to keep me warm at night, so I tend to back off the heat at night to save propane.

Here is the campground as it looked this morning.  Normally it is almost impossible to get a camping spot here--but since almost all the tenters have gone, there are lots of empty spots!

It looks like all the snow is gone, doesn't it?

However, I took a close-up of the above scene, and you can see that the trees way up on the ridge are still covered with snow.  Both Tioga Pass and Glacier Point road were closed today because of snow and ice.

This guy was very suspicious of me, but eventually I watched him bury his acorn for the winter.

Behind the visitor center is a reconstruction of a Native American village.  The ancient peoples collected acorns and game from the area during the summer.  Here is a ceremonial lodge.

And a temporary bark summer shelter.

A sweat lodge is built into the earth.

The Merced River actually had some water in it today.  Yesterday it was mostly dry.  Actually, all of the waterfalls have been dry, with the exception of Yellowstone Falls, which has some water flowing.  I did not go there because it was too cold to walk around!

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