Monday, October 14, 2013

10/12 More Bodega Bay

My son and grandkids came to spend Saturday night.  The kids liked playing on the beach, although it was a little hard to get the sand off them. I filled a bucket with warm water and put a bit of dish soap on it, the way my parents used to do at our cottage on Lake Huron, except this sand seemed to be a little stickier.

It had been foggy in the morning, so you can see the fog bank in the distance over the mainland of California.

A little young to be a driver, but old enough to know not to really touch any of the controls.

The wind kicked up very strongly late in the afternoon, so we went for a drive out to the arm of land that created Bodega Bay.  It was so windy, the kids could hardly stand up.

Gorgeous view with big waves hitting the rocks below.  You can see why bays like the one formed by this headland were so important to sailors.  Would not want to crash into this!

You can see our campground on this spit of land within the bay.

Story time and bedtime.

This one was so tired out she completely skipped the story.  Out within less than five minutes!

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