Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/28 Yosemite National Park

Arrived yesterday after a stressful drive, mostly because the county roads I was driving on were curvy and full of chuckholes.  This stretch was one of the better.  Another section was so bad I had to drive 15 MPH and still everything was rattling, including my teeth!  When roads are uneven, my whole vehicles sways and is hard to control.  You can hear all the stuff in your cupboards and refrigerator rearranging themselves so that when you open something, everything falls out. 

Thankfully there was almost no traffic.

I had been worried about what route to take into Yosemite, but U.S. 140 is considered the all-weather route and was really quite good.  I do not mind curves, but at least the pavement was smooth and there were lots of pullouts so I could let cars behind me pass.

Almost there, and here is the tunnel I had been told about.  Made it through with a whole foot to spare on top and sides!

Spectacular view of El Capitan.  There must have been climbers, but I could not see any.
Went to bed surrounded by a lot of campers in tents and pop-up campers. Surprise, surprise!!
This is what I woke up to.  Tenters and people sleeping in small popups and the backs of vans soon packed up and left, leaving only a handful of motorhomes and trailers.  We, of course, were the ones with furnaces and running water, and real bathrooms and showers!

I managed to take some video, but after posting to YouTube, quality is somehow not so good:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDBpHE6SgRY&feature=youtu.be 
Someone posted on another forum a photo taken from the live webcam on top of Glacier Point.  I am just below there.

I never planned to be in snow country, but I guess I need to buy a hat and some gloves, and maybe a pair of stretchy boots I can put on over my shoes in case of emergency. 

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