Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10/15 Bodega Dunes & Beach

I stayed here just a couple of nights, and the campground was not my favorite because of the lack of power and the trees that prevented much of a view, so I did not take any photos of that.

However, I did decide to walk down to the beach, even though I had been told it was about a mile away.  Finding the trail was difficult, but I got some directions from one of the camp hosts.  The first bit was gravel, but then it turned to soft sand that was a struggle to walk on.

Found this flower on the way.  I need to find out again what this plant is called but it is a succulent and very common in the dunes areas along the coast.  This is off-season for flowering plants, so I was lucky to see any flowers at all.

Finally, the road appears!  Much easier to walk on.  I could not have driven on this because the day-use areas were all closed at this park.  Does not make sense with so many people traveling. 

Almost there, or at least I could see the ocean.  Still quite a walk from this point.

Whew.  Finally made it.

Only problem was that the end of the walkway had no stairs down to the beach.  There was a log someone had set up, but I was afraid that I would not get back up with my bad knees, so I sat on the cement for half an hour and enjoyed the breeze and watching the ocean.  Not too many people, and the restrooms and water fountains were completely closed.

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