Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/10 Bodega Bay, CA

Since I could not go to Yosemite, I decided to head west and spent a week at the ocean.  So here I am in a campground on a spit of land that almost closes off the mouth of Bodega Bay.  I had no reservation, so was lucky to find a big enough spot for the weekend since this place is very busy and has few walk-ins available.

I need to take more photos of the area around Napa and Sonoma, but at least here is one photo I took on the way.

Here are some photos of the campground.  This first one looks out to the end of the spit of land.  The foghorn is in the distance and has been blowing every 15 seconds since I got here, fog or no fog. Between that and the sea lions barking in the distance, it was a noisy night.

These next two look into Bodega Bay and the coastline to the west.  On the other side of these hills are the sea lion breeding areas. 

This one looks into the bay where the town is.

This one looks northwest toward the mainland of California.

I rode my bike into town and brought back some clam chowder, so these are taken on my way back to the campground.  It is hard to describe the geography, but I took these looking west to the coastline beyond the bay.

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