Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/3 Wyoming Wildflowers

These are a mixed bag of flowers, but they all were photographed in high country in Wyoming, some in Yellowstone.  I have the Audabon Rocky Mountain Field Guide and another booklet of flowers from this area, but there are still some I cannot identify.  I welcome corrections and help if you know the names of some of these.  Here they are in the order I took the photos.

This one is supposed to be Spreading Dogbane:
And this is a Prairie Rose:

This one is called Silky Mountain Phacelia:

I THINK this is Pussy Toes, but I am not sure:

And this is Prairie Cornflower:
This is fireweed.  It is known as the first flower that appears after a forest fire:

This is Leafy Aster.  Very pretty shade of blue, I think.

And this one is Mountain Bluebell.  There are a lot of bluebell varieties, so it took me a while to find this one.
Now, here are my two unknowns.  Any suggestions?  Our tour guide in Custer State Park said the pink flowers were Black-eyes Susans, but I know that is not right.


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