Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/10 Yellowstone - Old Faithful Area

This is no doubt the most visited area of Yellowstone. You first see Old Faithful after exiting the Visitor Center.

There is a barrier and a semi-circle of benches placed around these. 

Are we all lined up yet? 

It starts sputtering and shoots up a few feet.  Everybody says "ooooh."

And then it really starts blowing.

But it only lasts maybe two minutes at most, then it starts slowing down just a bit.

Almost over now.

All over for another 90 minutes.

And the most historic building in Yellowstone, the Yellowstone Inn.  I wandered around inside and then had lunch in the dining room.

It is hard to see, but since the 1988 big fires, there is now a sprinkler system on the roof. Most other buildings in the park now have metal roofs, but they have kept the original cedar shakes on all of the historic buildings.

The logs used to construct this building are amazing.  I don't know if all the "arms" or branches actually are structural, but someone certainly took a lot of time to select these amazing logs. Note also that the ceiling is made of logs as well.  Amazing.

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