Friday, December 7, 2012

12/4 Hiistoric St. Augustine

I rode my bike the three miles across a bridge to the historic area of St. Augustine. Founded in 1565, it is the oldest continuously occupied city in the United States.  Here is the old fort frorm the bridge.

I forgot my Golden Age Passport, but paid the fee and toured the fort anyway.  I remember being here when I was five, but it is a lot smaller than it was then!
OK, so I always take too many photos of forts. 

I had a less fun day this evening.  I heard dripping from under my sink as I was finishing a load of dishes, and it turned out that the drain from the sink had come detached, dumping water into the underneath compartment.  This dirty water had also included a pan of water from steaming a couple of lobster tails, so it really stank!   It took a whole role of paper towels to sope up the mess, compounded by the fact that the manufacturers had chosen some sort of outdoor carpeting to line the floor of this cabinet.  I sprayed it with both lysol and a chlorox solution, and then used a hair dryer off and on to dry it.  Being Florida and drizzly, nothing dries fast so it took a very long time to put things back together.

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