Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/10 Disney Hollywood Studios Light and Music Show

Today, I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios for several hours late in the afternoon.  I got there in enough time to walk around a bit, but it got dark soon.  I got in a photo of the main street area.

The one ride I wanted to take, the Backlot Tour closes down at 5:00 pm, so I had a sandwich and Coke and then walked over to the area that is composed of fake buildig fronts and is supposed to be a street in New York.  Here is what it looked like before dark.

As soon as it got dark, the Osborne Family Light and Music Show began.  WOW!  It was fantastic and these photos do not do it justice.  I took some video but cannot figure out how to download it from my camera.

In the midst of the booming sound and flashing lights, my son from Ohio called me on FaceTime, which is a video service on my IPhone.  My grandson tried to say something, but I could hear nothing, so we ended the call.  Then I remembered that my daughter-in-law from California had never used FaceTime, so I called her and told her to pick up the phone when I called on FaceTime.  It was great to be able to show them what was going on and all the noise and lights.  Unfortunately, I couldn't hear a thing!  The show starts and stops every few minutes.  No need to find a place to sit on the curb for this show, by the way.  You just stand and walk around.  Very easy to see everything, even with the crowds.  Temps were in the 70s even at 7:00 pm at night, so it was a great night for wandering around, but my back, knees, and feet are getting old and sore, so I keep quitting early each day.

When the show stopped, I was able to hear more and got a partial tour of their new travel trailer.  We'll try this again when my connection is better and they have more time.  FaceTime is a lot better than Skype because you can wander around with your phone more easily than a laptop. 

Decided to come back here tomorrow to take in some of the rides.  I am spending very little money on this Disney trip because it is so nice to skip the lines and go back to my cozy home.


  1. Hi Judy, thanks for the link to your blog
    I love it...will be following your travels and hope to see you at the GTG in Jan.
    My home base at this time is at my dad's in Melbourne FL.

  2. Judy, you are getting such great photos. Did you get a 4 or 5 day pass to Disney or do you have to pay each time you go? I think you can do Skype on your phone too but as long as your kids have the right kind of phone, Face Time seems to be a great alternative. My son can do Face Time from his Ipod as long as he has wireless available.

    1. I got seven days worth of passes, one park per pass per day I am staying here, as part of my package of camping. They set it up so that the cost of each day's pass gets cheaper the more days you choose, so that the last day was something like $7. And you get a lower price anyway when you stay in one of the Disney Resorts. It helps cover some of the cost of the campground.

      Yes, one son and both daughters-in-law have iPhones. Can't convince one son to get IPhone, but FaceTime is really handy. The nice thing is that is uses data from your Verizon plan--not sure how much data, but haven't noticed it adding too much.

  3. Even from the photos, the light show looks impressive.