Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/2 St. Augustine, FL

Fnally made it to this state.  Since it was a sunny day, with highs around 70, I decided to go for what I thought would be a quick walk to the beach.   Sat down for a while and this little fellow came up begging.  I confess I gave him a tiny portion of a pecan. He left when I did not give him a second helping.

I took a photo of a group of women who were sisters, and they returned the favor. 

I saw this pier way in the distance, and started ambling that way.  See how far away it was?

This is a huge beach, and pretty deserted, as you can see from the pier where I took these photos.  My walk turned out to be about three miles roundtrip, from the map I checked.  Legs, back, and feet ached for a couple of days!

I had to take this photo of this enormous tree in the campground.  Amazing how big it is.


  1. You look great on that beach. I think it was walking on the sand as much as walking the three miles that made you ache. Sand gives you a bigger workout.