Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/14 Fort Wilderness Holiday Decorations

Disney allows campers at Fort Wilderness to decorate their campsites.  And I mean REALLY decorate their campsites!  They allow as many lit and unlit things to be placed on the ground as you can cram within a site and lights to be hung from trees.  They tolerate a lot, to say the least.  People plug into the park electricity, but some campers bring external generators because they have so many lights. 

Then consider that a lot of people like to come to Disney World, and a lot of those are retired with little to do during the day except plan for the holidays.  Apparently some people come in groups, and they come every year to enjoy the decorations.  Here are some daytime photos of the results that I took from my rental golf cart.

The people who set up decorations in this next photo had an operating train set in the first tent to the left.  They also had a real Santa in the right tent and games for children to play.  The front table has plates with the names of each of the reindeer and a real carrot in each one.

The next photos were taken after dark.  Sorry the quality is not better.


It was great fun having a golf cart to drive. 


  1. And Sue will confirm that this is only a small sampling of what we saw! It was fun renting the golf cart and driving around. The campground is huge.