Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/18 Myakka State Park, FL

This is a very nice place, at least during the week when it is quieter.  It is a very large park (55 square miles) with a variety of environments:  swampy areas, a large lake, wooded areas full of live oaks hanging with moss, and sandy pine hammocks.  The road in follows the wet grasslands and the wooded area:

At the lake, there are airboat and tram tours, plus a restaurant and places to just watch the wildlife.

Here is a not-too-friendly alligator sunning itself on the bank, and a sky full of vultures, plus some on the ground.

 There are signs warning you of the vultures damaging cars.  Apparently, they like to tear apart windshield wipers and anything else made of black rubber, including the seals around windows.  They shoot off fireworks from a gun contraptions into the trees near the campgrounds to prevent them roosting there and munching on RVs.
I took a tram tour and saw deer, raccoons, more alligators, and this turtle.  You can see how varied this park is in terms of environment.


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  1. Looks like a nice place to camp. Hope you escape all the vultures though and that the shots being fired don't keep you up.