Tuesday, July 3, 2018

6/23 Drive to West Yellowstone

Having hopefully left blown tires and other repairs behind me, I headed to West Yellowstone to spend a couple of nights before meeting my son and his family in Yellowstone National Park.  Heading in through Idaho to Montana and entering the park from the west is a great way to approach Yellowstone because of the views.

While most of the time, I avoid commercial campgrounds, I really like this one in West Yellowstone.  It is professional run, the sites are nicely spread apart, they have handy laundry facilities, and they let you wash your RV!  

No photos, but I took the opportunity to at least clean the bugs from the front of my motorhome.  The drive I made at dusk a few days before really resulted in my hitting large swarms of thousands of mosquitoes.  Even opening the side doors was gross. 

I also like the town of West Yellowstone because it is very bikeable--only a few blocks wide and long, with everything you need very handy. 

They also have a very nice stand selling huckleberry ice cream!

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  1. Two years ago, I camped just northwest of there in West Fork Campground, and could see a cell phone tower across the road from my campground. I had excellent signal that night! It was also the coldest night I spent in a campground that summer. It hit an overnight low of 31°.