Sunday, October 8, 2017

10/8 Pumpkin Patch, California Style!

Went with my grandkids to the pumpkin patch today.  Course, I am not used to going to pick out pumpkins in anything but cold, rainy weather, but I guess I can adapt to sunshine and 86 degrees.  

The fun part of the pumpkin patch for kids is the huge haybale climbing structure.  You can even go inside.  Not sure what was in there because I bypassed that. 
 When I was a kid, all pumpkins were orange, smooth, and round. 

Ah, some "normal" pumpkins! 

They give you a cart to pull or a wheelbarrow to haul your pumpkins.  We ended up with a wheelbarrow and filled it pretty full. 

These are "swan" pumpkins.  If you use a little bit of imagination, you can see long swan necks and beaks. 

 These next two photos show the piles of smaller, really weird gourds and pumpkins.

I promised to get a pie pumpkin and make a pie for Thanksgiving from a real pumpkin instead of using canned pumpkin.  Too early, however, and none of these qualify. 

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