Monday, October 2, 2017

10/1 Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, OR

I've been here a few days, but it has been cold and drizzly, so this was the first day I got my bike out and went for a ride.  One of the negatives of this campground is that you really need to drive to the beach because it is a couple of miles away.  A positive, however, is that it is a really nice, broad beach, very private, and has a great lighthouse and old pier to walk on.  

It's funny, but at some campgrounds, everyone sticks to themselves, and I barely talk to anyone.  Here, I had visitors and made friends with several other campers, as well as the couple camping next to me.  Even got invited to a cookout one night, which was fun, although really cold.  Temps in the daytime are usually in very low 60s, but it has dropped down at night to as low as 46.  Brrrrr!  And the dampness makes it feel even colder.  

The campsites are pretty nicely sized and not too close to one another.  Note plastic bag on bike seat.  Even though it was covered, it somehow managed to get wet on the edges.  

This is the road to the lighthouse and beach.  

This is the Coquille River outlet.  On the other side is the town of Bandon and the pier with the fog horn signal.  

 Like a lot of Oregon and Washington beaches, this one is full of old logs.  
This sign explains the old lighthouse. 

 This is the old pier, which is right next to the lighthouse.  Of course I had to walk out on it.  

 It is definitely an OLD pier! 

Looking north along the beautiful beach.  Much too cold for swimming or even wading, however.  

Nice big waves today. 

I used my telephoto lens to look across the river at the foghorn.  It has been blowing a lot lately since there is fog almost every day until at least noon.  

And this is Bandon.  

 There were even some big logs on the pier.  They must have blown up in a big storm.

Not a huge lighthouse, but you can go inside and climb to the top most days when it is staffed by volunteers.  It was closed because I was here fairly late in the day. 

 I am leaving Bullards Beach on Tuesday morning, but I am going into Bandon and will try to take some photos of that very pleasant little town.  Also, hope the bakery is open so I can get some goodies.


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