Sunday, October 8, 2017

10/3 Bandon, OR

Bandon is one of my favorite towns because of the bakery and shops, and also because of the carved wood art pieces in the harbor area.  It is only a couple of miles from the Bullards Beach State Park, and I probably could have ridden my bike there, but I drove instead.

I was very disappointed when I first arrived at the state park to find out that the bakery was closed, however, it opened on the day I had to leave, so I made sure to stop by on my way out.  This is a real bakery that makes their own bread and pastries--YUM!  I stocked up and put some things in my freezer for a rainy day.  (On a rainy day, a cranberry bar or an almond bear claw tastes wonderful!)

Some other nice shops that I have been to before, so I did some shopping for some stocking stuffers for Christmas. 

This shoppe has a lot of different flavored gel candies.  The best ones are wine flavors!

Sprinkled throughout the harbor area are these carved wood characters. 

There is a nice fishing pier and a boat ramp right in town. 

And this is the same lighthouse I took photos of the other day.  I walked on this pier that day also. 

Some unusual benches also.  

 And several seafood restaurants.

Nice to see so many brown gulls.  These brown gulls are really babies or juveniles and don't turn white until they are fully mature at the age of five years.  Often, you will see a young gull with a while parent nearby, keeping an eye on them. 

This is the foghorn I could hear from the campground.  

This is the beach near the entrance to the harbor, about half a mile from the little town area.

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